"Do you take your medicine properly?"
To increase the efficacy of medications, it is essential to take medicine on time and on dose.

"According to statistics from the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), 

one out of three patients forget if they took the medicine and one out of two miss a dose.


Patient who takes medicine as prescribed. 


The number of deaths per year caused by medication non-adherence

$ 300billion

The estimated expense per year incurred by medication non-adherence

Wear our care! Enjoy your cure! 

Wear JUBIwatch, set the time and dose via mobile app, 

and forget! We take care of your entire healing process.


How to use JUBIwatch? 

Patients manually insert a microneedle drug cartridge into their JUBIwatch.

Then, at the correct time, the microneedle administers the medicine via transdermal administration.


Insert microneedle drug cartridge manually into the JUBIwatch


Pair the JUBIwatch with mobile app and set up your custom medication schedule.


Medicine is administered by microneedle via transdermal administration as scheduled.


The doctor checks the patient's medication information through the cloud system and gives live feedback.

Precise and Natural

Jubilee Biotech is a biotech startup founded by experts from diverse fields 
to solve the issue of medication non-adherence.



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