Do you take your medicine properly?

JUBIwatch is a smart watch that helps administer exact amounts of medication at set times.
 Medication information and related data from JUBIwatch users allow a better understanding of medication non-adherence. Through this, we are building a service that helps foster smooth feedback between doctors and patients.


Wear JUBIwatch, Set the time and dose via mobile app, and Forget!


JUBIwatch Mobile App

The patient can connect the JUBIwatch to their medication schedule via mobile app. Then, at the correct time, the JUBIwatch microneedle automatically administers the medicine via transdermal administration.

 In addition, the app enables patients to effectively manage medication by checking their medication adherence and medication information. Patients may also send their medical report to their doctor through the app.


JUBIweb system for Doctors

 Doctors can monitor medication adherence and medication details 

in real time along with the patient's basic information. Doctors may check on patients with consistently low medication adherence through the messaging function. 

 In addition, various services to help medication adherence may be offered in the future. 


JUBIwatch Platform

Drug delivery

JUBIwatch allows patients to receive the medicine on dose and on time through a microneedle drug cartridge inserted in the smartwatch.


Through the cloud, patients’ medication information can be automatically transmitted to the doctor for analysis and feedback.

Solving medication non-adherence issues

JUBIwatch eliminates the possibilities of missing a dose, administering medicine at the wrong time, or obstacles for patients with physical disabilities.

Doctor/AI/Patient Linked Platform

We plan to build a platform to help doctors acquire medication information and related data in order to provide patients with the best healthcare service.

Efficient data acquisition

We will build AWS-based services for patients and doctors to share medication information and biometric data through the IOT cloud.


We expect to develop similar wearable devices specialized for babies, dogs, and

hospice patients who are difficult to administer medicine to directly.

For your baby

For your pet

For hospice patient

Introduction video of JUBIwatch

JUBIwatch is a wearable medical device that can deliver desired dosage to patients as smart device platform. 

This device can be worn on body at set times and deliver set dosages by pushing the microneedles which formulated 

by drug into skin by electro-mechanical system.


40-2020-0014936 / 40-2020-0014937 / 40-2020-0014938

40-2020-0014940 / 40-2020-0014941 / 40-2020-0014942


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